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Ancient Forest Spirit_edited.jpg

Non-Commercial Rates

Here you can find a rough guide on the pricing and process of commissioning me for non-commercial commissions.

Factors such as the desired art-style, multiple characters, background detail,

 etc affect the pricing of a piece.

Traditional paper drawings or canvas paintings are generally x2

If you have something in mind that doesn't fit into this framework don't worry!

If this is the case, just get in touch and I'd be happy to learn more about your request. I've worked on everything from VR filters to designs for glass etching, see if you can surprise me!



  • Digital only

  • Black and white only

  • An expressive loose sketch



  • Further developing a sketch into a full drawing

  • Cleaner lineart

  • Additional shading


Small Painting


  • A more detailed image

  • Composition sketched first for your approval


Large Painting

  • A larger, more refined painting

  • Composition sketches for your approval


MAssive Legend here

  • A large, highly detailed painting

  • Can be in a realism style (good quality reference images required)

  • Multiple composition sketches for your approval

  • Detailed, balanced and composed

  • Longer wait time


The Big One

  • A huge, high detailed painting

  • Attention paid to every inch of the image

  • Can be in a realism style (good quality reference images required)

  • Continuing check-ins for client approval

  • Longer wait time

  • Limited availability, a lot fo work goes into these

Tribal stalker concept spread
Saria and Silence_edited_edited.jpg
Aspect of Demise.jpg
Orylthid - Bloodborne 2 fanart
Ancient Forest Spirit
Sah'ail - Imperial hunter - Bloodborne 2 fanart
EVA sketch
Gibraltar Commission 1
Sea Stacks - Three Old Men of Stoer Study
Orylthid Architecture 1 - Bloodborne 2 fanart
OC Doodle
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