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Hi, I'm Ross

I'm an Illustrator and Concept Artist, most of my professional work is digital nowdays but I'm still a keen traditional artist and painter. 

You'll always find me with a trusty sketchbook, even if it's just filled with studies or absurd doodles that'll never see the light of day.

I also have experience as a graphic designer for an agency where I created content for social media marketing/advertising as well as more general design work such as logo design, brochures, video editing and animation etc.

The phrase "Jack of all trades" comes with a bit of a negative implication, but there's value in being the guy that can do it all, someone that can pitch in with multiple departments and projects seamlessly without any issues. That's the niche I've grown to fill, and my natural curiosity for creative work outside of my illustration specialism goes hand in hand with this kind of workflow. I've been blessed to work with some amazing people and the feeling of a project coming together through teamwork and inginuity never gets old.


When I'm working on my own projects I do like to make my own stuff when possible, and we live in the golden age of self-teaching so it seems a waste to not take advantage of the resources that are out there. Sometimes however, you do need to bring in another artist due to technical issues, or to hit a level polish on something that you can't achieve alone. Regardless, it still helps to know the basics of the program or field you're working in, and anything you don't already know is an oppertunity for growth. It's easier said than done most of the time but I'm nothing if not an optimist!


So thats me! I've never been a fan of about pages, it's always difficult to write about yourself... but hopefully this gives you a bit of insight into me and how I work.

Take care, and thanks for checking out my website!

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